Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds

I thought this song is particularly poetic.  When reading the lyrics to this song (which can be found here) I found a few poetic devices within the song.  I found personification within the song when he sings “But my heart told my head / ‘This time no.’”  I also found some alliteration within this song when he sings of “And if your strife strikes at your sleep.”  I know this is not similar to the poems we have studied in class so far from the Renaissance period but I do feel that it relates.  I believe this relates to class because it shows that a powerful poem can be put to music and neither be weak.  When reading this song without the music, it reads like a personal poem.  Though when it is listened to with music, it still flows properly.  This shows that some personal poetry is not hard to put to music.  These were two of the arguable points from our reading for this week.  

Becky Hoag

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