Queen – Death on Two Legs

Quite the angry song, Death on Two Legs is a masterfully crafted work of lyric whose rhythm can only be described as “insanely catchy.” While it may not initially read as such, Mercury wrote the song to flow from one stanza into the other, and even from one line into the other – almost without taking a breath in between. The non-refrain stanzas are also written in the same format, with the first two lines rhyming (leech/breach, mule/rules, guy/fry, etc.) and the rest not rhyming at all. Mercury also clearly plays with stressing specific words and phrases in order to drive the point home (KEEP talking, SMALL fry, you’ve taken ALL MY MONEY and you want MORE, etc.)

The song also makes slightly more sense in context, especially with some of the insults he chose to use. Mercury apparently hated and detested the band’s manager at the time, and vented his rage with this song. With this, terms like “big business tycoon,” “big talking small fry,” “misguided old mule,” and more all make sense. Cleverly chosen to convey the single idea that, quite simply put, the man is awful.

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