“I Could Have Lied” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I chose this video because it relates to our reading from Catherine Bates.  The article addressed how we as a reader should approach reading Surrey’s and Wyatt’s text.  She states that we should approach reading these texts as literature not history.  In the text of Wyatt that we have read, there is a lot of speculation of whether or not he had a relationship with Anne Boleyn.  This song relates to this reading because it has the same speculation behind it.  Anthony Kiedis, a member of Red Hot Chili Peppers, wrote this song about Sinead O’Connor whom he had a very short relationship with.  Though O’Connor denies the relationship stating that it never happened.  So this song is left up to our interpretation on who to believe.

I Could Have Lied

There must be something
In the way I feel
That she don’t want me to feel
The stare she bares cut me
I don’t care
You see so what if I bleed

I could never change
Just what I feel
My face will never show
What is not real

A mountain never seems to have
The need to speak
A look that shares so many seek
The sweetest feeling
I got from you
The things I said to you were true

I could never change
Just what I feel
My face will never show
What is not real

I could have lied I’m such a fool
My eyes could never never never
Keep their cool
Showed her and I told her how
She struck me but I’m fucked up now

But now she’s gone yes she’s gone away
A soulful song
That would not stay
You see she hides ’cause she is scared
But I don’t care
I won’t be spared

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