Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

Although Jeff Buckley is not the original song-writer and singer of “Hallelujah,” I personally feel as if Buckley sings this song with more passion. This song is one of my all time favorites because Cohen’s lyrics combined with Buckley’s voice just gives me goosebumps. Cohen beautifully implements religious imagery to describe a love that is lost. I mean, even the title “Hallelujah” is religious all in itself.  It is beautiful, yet  somber all at the same time, as well as has the strength to reach into a person’s soul and alter their mood completely.

“Hallelujah” depicts the sixteenth century and the subjectivity effect of introspection we read about from Catherine Bate’s “Wyatt, Surrey, and the Henrician.” Introspection is when one examines their own mental or emotional state. Although this song is being shared with an audience, the listeners cannot help but feel as if they are being drawn into the mind of the “I” of the song. I personally feel that when lyrics are so introspective, they have the ability to cause the listener to search deep within their own personal life. What makes lyrics and poems alike are their ability to connect to their listener or reader in such a personal way.

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