Sleeping At Last’s “Turning Page”

First of all, I’m just letting everyone know that I’m writing this with this song on replay. I’m such a sap!

Anyways, on Wednesday, we talked about the narrative versus the lyric. Really, it was all about the story within the narrative versus the expression of emotion within a lyric. Secondly, we discussed that Bates makes the argument in her article that the poems of Surrey and Wyatt, or any poet really during their time, shouldn’t be taken as pieces of history but as literary dramatizations. Looking at some of their pieces, we saw how historians may have perceived a piece of history from a poem because of a “germ” of a story existing within the poem.

So, I believe that the song I chose (and am listening to for the fourth time through) serves as a good example of a lyric rather than a narrative since there’s no story at all really. It’s purely emotional, with extreme exaggerations to convey his emotions. Of course, I shouldn’t assume these emotions belong to the singer; in fact, they probably don’t. I’m pretty sure it was written for the Twilight saga. Please don’t let that turn you off to this song. I swear, it’s so much better than Kristen Stewart’s acting.

Anyways, back to the song. There is TONS of exaggeration. The first two lines talks about how he’s waited a hundred years and how he’d wait a million more for his lover. Of course, that’s impossible; he’d be dead. However, he’s showing how much he loves her. Also, in the final verse he says, “With a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas. Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees.” Again, not literal, but showing how great their love is.

Also, some of these lyrics are just so gosh darn poetical! They’re beautiful! You don’t have to agree, but I’d be willing to say they’re a lot more beautiful than more lyrics on the radio today… Anyways, here’s the second verse. Judge for yourself: “Your love is my turning page, where only the sweetest words remain. Every kiss is cursive line, every touch is a redefining phrase.”

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