But It’s Better If You Do – Panic! at the Disco

But It’s Better If You Do is from Panic! at the Disco’s first album A Fever You Can’t Swear Out. The song (and along with it, the music video) is about a man who goes to strip clubs instead of “hanging out” with his significant other. In the video, it turns out that she works at the club that he goes to and the club (a speak easy) gets busted. They’re both arrested and, while in the police car, share a smile.

I picked this song because in class we talked about how there is a difference in what a poem means on its own versus what it means in a collection. When this was mentioned, my mind went immediately to musical albums and how songs are in regards to the others on a single album.

Although A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out isn’t a concept album per say, it does have a concept to the album itself, as well as overall themes. The first seven tracks are very electronic-sounding. They sound modern. However, the eighth track, called “Intermission” is half electronic and half Romantic-period inspired music. The concept is that the electronic instruments the band were using broke and they had to continue using the piano. The rest of the tracks (nine through thirteen) are Romantic-era sounding, with pianos and acoustic guitars and drums. The overall themes in the album include love, adultery, alcoholism/addiction, and prostitution. Even though the album “breaks down” halfway through, the themes are still there, just as those themes were prevalent in the past.

The song on it’s own is about adultery; however, with the rest of the album, it is mixed in with the rest of the themes that might equate to one fucked up lifestyle.

But It’s Better If You Do lyrics

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