Group vs Solo and the Created Meaning

We all know this original song because it occupied so much radio time in the early 2000’s. We couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it. So here I posted a cover of it. In this version of N’Sync’s , Bye, Bye, Bye listeners encounter only two voices. The first is the singer’s: Julia Nunes. The second voice is her Ukulele.

Let us pretend that we have never heard the N’Sync version before. If we all heard this song by Julia Nunes, listeners would assume that she is breaking up with someone, telling him to leave, and that she feels betrayed as she was “just another player in [his] game for two.” We develop this understanding and this scenario and immediately assume that the individual singing is the same individual who is having the emotions that they are singing about.

Now let us take into consideration the N’Sync version of the song. Did anyone actually think that all of those boys were going through that same feeling of heartbreak while they were performing on stage? Of course not.

So here we can see using the exact same song what meaning we take away from the lyrics is tremendously altered in the way that the song (or poem) is performed. The less voices there are, the more focus is on the singer. When there are more voices involved, the meaning is reflected more easily onto whatever situation the listener wants to put it.


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