Queen – Radio Ga Ga

Oh, hey, more Queen!

I picked this song specifically because of the Defense of Posey. This song is an ode to the Radio, a technology that was widespread during Mercury’s childhood. The lyrics themselves aren’t exactly complex – he’s simply stating that “everything I had to know/I heard it on my radio.” This was a time before TV was in every household, so the radio was the center of the living room. As time progressed, the radio became less important as things like the news and popular weekly programs were moved to television. This left radio with music, of which Mercury was afraid. He feared that all that would be left was “ga ga” and “goo goo” – music with little to no meaning, only written to be catchy and make money.

This is an interesting parallel to poetry in the time of Sidney, where the problem was not that poetry was “falling out,” but rather that it might be getting too easy to produce, thus lowering the quality of poetry overall (which relates back to the whole idea of Radio Ga Ga). Both Sidney and Mercury understand and defend that their respective mediums are fantastic artistic outlets that need to be preserved, not forced down or allowed to fade away.

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