Universally Speaking – Red Hot Chili Peppers

A song by my favorite band, Universally Speaking is an interesting juxtaposition to Astrophil and Stella. In the latter, Stella is held to an extremely high standard that Astrophil could never possibly reach. In this song, the singer encountered a girl whom he immediately fell in love with. However, she was filled to the brim with glaring flaws. She’s a heroine addict, and one desperate enough to do anything to get her fix. Instead of being pushed away by her imperfections, Kiedis is all the more attracted to her, as he understands her pain. It’s somewhat of a role-reversal, where we get the point of view of Stella (who, from the song’s subject’s point of view, is the image of perfection), while the singer tries to explain how wonderful his love interest is.

It’s a wonderfully interesting song, and like Astrophil and Stella, has some truth built into the history of the song. Kiedis was indeed a heroine addict (among various other drugs over the years), but overcame his addictions. He’s also quite the lady’s man, so it’s not surprising to see a love song from his perspective.

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