Repo! The Genetic Opera is a movie that is a rock opera. There is a song called “Crucifixus” that is mostly cut from the film, but the song is used as a transition piece in the movie instead. There is another song in the film called “Mark It Up” that is actually in the film.

In class, we talked about how voices and music can either help or hinder a song’s lyrics. Crucifixus’ lyrics are very nice when read (the English translation, anyway), but when listening to the actual song, it’s hard to understand everything that is going on because of both the singing voices and the music. It is in German, but even if it was in English, it would be hard to understand because of all the voices and music that is overlapping.

However, with Mark It Up, the music or singing voices do not hinder the song. In fact, it all seems to blend together nicely. The music punctuates the lyrics and everything is understood as one listens to it. And just like in some of the songs we listened to on Monday, there are some parts in the song where certain lyrics are repeated one after the other because there are two different parts that come together. It gets the message across to the listener.

Crucifixus Lyrics

Mark It Up Lyrics

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