Lorde – Royals

I recently discovered this song on the radio in my car driving to the Mount. It is definitely a catchy song, and I think this is credit for the rhythm and meter of the song. The finger snap sounds create an appealing meter that you can tap your feet and nod your head to. The first thing I thought about when hearing this song were two thing, how the voices and music emphasize one another, as well as the repetition within it. When Dr. Gangi gave a speech in our class about Dowland, he showed us a variation of his music. The one song entitlted, “Come Again” really stood out to me for some reason. Dr. Gangi pointed out how the words “to see, to hear, to touch” create a heightening effect leading into the phrase “to die.” In Lorde’s song “Royals,” she sings the words, “I rule, I rule, I rule, I rule” heighten or creates a “pulling effect” similar to “pulling taffy” as Dr. Gangi stated. 

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One Response to Lorde – Royals

  1. kmil8216 says:

    I might add though, I am a little weary of what this artist is calling herself.. a little conceded maybe?

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