My Heart, Your Hands – Dommin

On Friday (October 4th), we talked about Morley’s First Book of Ayres. The book only had two parts instead of several parts like Dowland’s book. This made the songs better because the parts weren’t overpowering each other. Instead of being overpowering, the voices were more of an accompaniment to the music. The music and voices and lyrics all accompany each other and enhance one another.

In My Heart, Your Hands, the tone from the very beginning is a creepy sort of tone, along with a little melancholy feeling. The lyrics also give it that creepy feeling. The singer’s voice is very haunting, which emphasizes the tone. The song itself is slow and repeats a lot of the lyrics over again, but it is not a bad thing. Like Morley’s songs, it is more personal with one singer rather than a whole bunch. This is the case with Dommin’s song as well. The singer’s haunting voice and his flourishes give the song the right feeling to go along with the song.

My Heart, Your Hands lyrics

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