“Summer Girls” by LFO


My inspiration this week is Orlando’s poetry in As You Like It. As we’ve discussed, his was not the best poetry in the world. He tried way too hard to rhyme and didn’t really have any grand, new ideas when it came to the content of his poems. Poor Orlando. I mean, at least he tried.

In previous weeks, I have been posting some of my favorite songs. Here, I went in the opposite direction.

I went on a search for music that I strongly hated. I looked up Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply.” Those could have done, at least in my opinion, but LFO really takes the cake when it comes to bad lyric-writing skills.

When I was looking up the lyrics, these were some of the thoughts that were running through my head: Whyyyy? Whaaaat? How does that mean anything? Please, stop.

I mean, really, I have no idea what they were thinking. They must have really been having a bad year. I don’t know how to put it in words, so I will just show you. I guess I could copy and paste the whole song, but I’ll choose the best of the worst. I’m so sorry to put you through this…

Because we’re currently discussing Shakespeare:
“When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet
Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets”

Can someone please tell me why they did this? If you can, kudos.

“Stayed all summer then went back home,
Macauly Culkin was in Home Alone
Fell deep in love, but now we ain’t speaking
Michael J Fox was Alex P Keaton”

What rhymes with home?! OH! ALONE! What about speaking?! OH! KEATON! (Kinda…)

“There was a good man named Paul Revere
I feel much better baby when you’re near”

What does Paul Revere have to do with anything? I mean, Revere certainly has nothing to do with the following line.

“Like the color purple, macaroni and cheese,
Ruby red slippers and a bunch of trees
Call you up but whats the use
I like Kevin Bacon, but I hate Footloose”

Irrelevant. Everything is so irrelevant. Please, stop.

So, all in all, I think it’s safe to say that LFO lacked skill in the lyric-writing department. I mean, you can argue with me, I guess…? But I’ll win.

So, LFO and Orlando had a lot in common: They weren’t that great at writing. That’s okay. Not everyone is. Their content wasn’t all that great either. Actually, I prefer Orlando’s poetry to this song. Orlando, you win.

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