Yesterday (October 17, 2013) we talked about Campion’s Book of Ayres. In his “To The Reader” he mentions that although his ayres are short, the materials within them are substantial. Campion says that his aryes do not really have any preludes. This is. as he says, because he does not want to beat around the bush with a long prelude. He wants to get straight to the point with his songs.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids does this on their self-titled album. Their first song, “Prelude” is very short and gives a synopsis of what the album is about without being too long. Then there is an interlude with the songs “Derailed” and “Breathe” which might derail it from getting to the point of the album. However, those songs do not have a lot of lyrics either and are only considered “long” because they are slower and the music takes up a lot of time.


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