Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

I absolutely love the band Fun., so to fit the particular discussion we had about Campion’s theory that although ayres are short, they can be just as effective as, say, a consort song. Campion mentions in the To the Reader note that when songs have lengthy preludes or interludes, it takes away from the nature of the meaning of the song. Sometimes lengthy musical breaks can be, well, boring. Don’t get me wrong, I completely admire musician’s work, and think it is amazing that they are able to read music. Music notes are something that are foreign to me. But, c’mon, I want the words and the meaning behind the music. The song We are Young is orignally sung as a solo, but I am really digging this duet between Nate Ruess and Janelle Monae. Let me just say, that woman has an amazing set of lungs on her. This song brings light to the idea that a person’s voice can serve the function as music with the variation of intonations and pitches. Yes, there is an acoustic and keyboard in the background, but the voices, and words, definitely overshadow the instruments. Let me just add, and which is the reason I chose this music video for my blog, Ruess and Monae just radiate with passion and confidence while they are singing. That is true talent right there!

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