John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland”

This isn’t my favorite song in the world, but it relates to our Shakespeare discussion this week.

We talked about how Shakespeare was skillful in using metaphors in his sonnets. Maybe John Mayer isn’t as skillful as Shakespeare. In fact, he’s pretty blunt about his sexual attraction to this girl, unlike Shakespeare. In Sonnet 20, Shakespeare talks about the man’s “manly parts” in a punn-y way. However, Mayer throws it all out on the tables, and he does it by comparing his lover’s body to a wonderland.

He talks about the only thing that’s left to do is “discover me / discovering you.” So, John Mayer makes himself some kind of explorer, discovering some kind of wonderland (really, some girl’s body).

There is “one mile to every inch” of his lover’s skin. That’s a lot of wonderland. He then says her lover has a “pair of candy lips” and a “bubblegum tongue.” I mean, unrealistic, but to a male, I’m sure this would be a wonderland. Mayer then brings up “swim[ming] in a deep sea of blankets.” Sounds very adventure-y.

In the second verse, he sings about how he loves “the shape [she] take[s] when crawling towards the pillowcase.” It’s almost like some amazing creature that he’s seeing while exploring her wonderland.

The bridge isn’t very metaphorical at all. He just talks about how good looking the girl is. Like I said, John Mayer wasn’t as skillful at metaphors as Shakespeare, but he tried.

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