Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

I am not too keen on this song, but it was fitting for the discussion we had about John Donne and misogyny we had during Mondays class, so I picked it. In Donne’s song it is not entirely made clear if he is the speaker of the poem or creates a fictional voice, however the poems “Go and catch a falling star” and “The flea” poem give women a negative connotation. Thicke’s song is obviously misogynistic in every way, shape, and form. I mean, it isn’t the most misogynistic songs; I have heard way worse than this, but it is pretty demeaning to woman. I felt as if the woman being portrayed was animalistic. I just pictured a cat in heat or something along those lines. The phrase that probably makes me cringe the most is when Thicke refers to this woman as the “hottest bitch.” Okay, seriously, “bitch” is one of the most demeaning names you can call a girl. Oh, and not to mention when he says “What rhymes with hug me?” Obviously, we know what word he is implying (it starts with an f and ends with k), but seriously they don’t rhyme! Man, Sidney would not approve. The reason I say the lyrics aren’t entirely bad is because it seems to describe a “good girl” who can’t ruin her reputation with sexual urges, however the music video tells an entirely different story. There are girls pretty much naked dancing rather promiscuously.

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