“The Night Santa Went Crazy” – Weird Al Yankovic

(I have never watched the music video so I’m sorry if it’s gross.)

On October 30th we talked about Donne’s Epithalamion. We said that he can make things that do not go together go together because he just happens to make them work.

The song I picked for this week is “The Night Santa Went Crazy” by Weird Al. It is an original song, though it does have some style parodies of some other artists. The song sounds like a Christmas song and has some rock elements to it. The music is awesome, going together nicely. The weird part about the song, though, is that the lyrics do not match up at all. The whole song is about Santa Clause going crazy and murdering creatures at the North Pole, specifically the Reindeer. The music is cheery with rock-and-roll elements, but the lyrics are disgusting and gruesome at times. Weird Al makes the two elements come together in the song, even though they shouldn’t. This is what Donne did with the Epithalamion, and it is what people can still do today, though with topics that are not as nice as a marriage song.


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