“Stupid Cupid” Mandy Moore

I feel like a young, modern-day Lady Mary Wroth could relate to this song. Both Wroth and Mandy Moore don’t have fond feelings for Cupid and want to be set free from the love that he forces upon them.

This song doesn’t work for her sonnets in the crown or the songs we read on Wednesday, so we’ll look at her first sonnets that we read last Friday:

In Wroth’s sonnet P1, the speaker says that Cupid “martir’d [her] poor hart.” Wroth didn’t choose to fall in love; Cupid forced it upon her. In sonnet P8, which we didn’t read for class, the speaker says that she is “[Cupid’s] subject, conquer’d, bound to stand.” Because Cupid forces her to fall in love, he becomes her enslaver, and Wroth feels trapped in this love with no way to get out.

Moore doesn’t like Cupid much either. “I am in love, and it’s a crying shame, and I know that you’re the one to blame.” So, there Cupid goes again… Making a woman fall in love with some guy when they don’t want to. And this poor thing. She’s carrying the guy’s books to school, which the guy should be doing for HER anyways. Then, she’s jumping around like a crazy clown; so, she looks like an idiot for some guy. It’s no wonder that she wants to be free of this love.

I don’t think Wroth would mind if she and Moore clipped off Cupid’s wings, like Moore suggested in her song. Also, I can imagine Wroth saying something like “Hey, hey, set me free. Stupid cupid, stop picking on me” in one of her sonnets. Except probably with a lot more spelling errors.

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