The past week we’ve been talking about Lady Mary Wroth’s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus.  Specifically on Wednesday (November 6) we talked about the ending sonnets.  It is revealed that even though she has talked about all this great love and how she has had a change of heart and whatnot, that in the end it does not matter.  She still, at the end, says that the love she went through is just that – a sort of trial that ended.  She admits that she has written everything she has needed to write and now she is letting other people who have those feelings take over writing the feelings down.  She has reached closure; the sonnets and songs were like a therapy session for her.

In the movie The Wedding Singer, the main character Robbie’s fiancé leaves him at the altar. He is broken up about it but he losses those feelings slowly has he strikes up a friendship (and eventually loves) a woman named Julia.  He is a wedding singer and while Julia is looking for a wedding singer for her wedding to her fiancé Glen, Robbie jokingly auditions for her. The song he sings is the one above. Although it has words of love for his ex-fiancé, there are also words of hate. To Robbie, he loved his fiancé, but she left him, so in the end it does not matter. This is similar to Wroth’s sonnet sequence in that, although it was a passionate matter, the feelings at the end of it all are current, so the past feelings are less prevalent.  



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