Jack Johnson – Posters

Jack Johnson’s song “Posters,” was the song I choose for this week. This song seems to critique not only society, in general, but how society judges people based on their physical appearance. Furthermore, it critiques how individuals aim to conform to this particular norm. Similarly, Day’s “Isle of Gulls” is a satire criticizing issues such as politics, and although questionable, poetry. However, Johnson aims at society’s perception, or expectation, of what the “ideal” man or woman is. This song focuses on the perspective of two people – a male and a female. The male “knows he aint loved at all” because of his physical appearance, and consequently turns to alcohol to cope with the pain of not being accepted. On the other hand, the female looks to the “body of the doll that don’t look to hers,” and becomes bulimic to deal with her pain. Ultimately, Johnson is trying to convey the message that these “posters” and “dolls” really do not convey “truths” or portray what really matters, which is what is on the inside. 

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